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The St. Francis Sports Association is responsible for facilitating the involvement of children in Pre-K through 5th grade in a variety of sports.  The SFSA is governed by a volunteer parent board that meets monthly.  

Many parents are surprised to learn that the SFSA is actually affiliated with the church rather than the school.  While the school offers sports to its students beginning in the 6th grade, church sponsored teams through the SFSA allow for children younger than the 6th grade to participate in a non competitive environment.

Although it is affiliated with the church, the SFSA does not receive funding from either the church or the school.  It is dependent on registration fees to meet its needs and uses any additional funding to provide sports equipment that benefits both SFSA teams and the St Francis Episcopal Day School Sports Program.

The League - West Houston Christian Sports Association
(Soccer, Basketball and Baseball/Softball)

First Grade Soccer TeamThe SFSA program is one of the largest (as measured by number of teams) members of the West Houston Christian Sports Association.  The league goals are to have fun, build children’s skills in their respective sports, and teach each child proper sportsmanship and conduct when competing.  In light of these goals, the league does not keep standing or have playoffs.   Two of the most notable characteristics of this League are (1) its attitude that stresses fun; and (2) its Zero Tolerance Policy related to all inappropriate conduct by coaches and parents


The SFSA is run by a Board that consists of both school parents and church parents or members. Each year new Board members are chosen by the existing SFSA Board members. The criteria to become a member can be varied but it is usually centered upon the age of the children who will participate in the SFSA program and the level of demonstrated interest, usually in coaching, that has been exhibited by the new member. The meetings are closed, but any parent can bring any item to the attention of the Board, in one of several ways: (1) by contacting the president and discussing the item with them; (2) by contacting any Board member and discussing the item with them; or (3) by using the Contact Us function on our web site. Assuming the topic is related to SFSA business, it will be brought up at the first available meeting and discussed.

SFSA Philosophy - Teaching

The SFSA has a philosphy that focuses on teaching in every sport.  Coaches are selected based on their demonstrated accetance of this teaching commitment.  It is safe to say that your child, if he/she wants to, will learn more about any sport in which they are prticipating than they knew when they registered.  Of course, this is not only the coaches and assistant coaches' responsiblity, but also the responsibilty of the parents and the children to ensure that they work hard to get the most out of the program.  The SFSA has chosen coaches and assistant coaches that it believes will offer special training and instruction for your children.  Practices will be engaging with an emhasis on teaching skills in the sport that are relevant to the level of your children's grade.  Understand that this may mean certain teams may run plays and have a level of skill expected from the children.  Our goal in practices is to have fun but also to encourage learning sometimes through the necessary repetition reqired to learn the basics.