The St. Francis Sports Association is an outreach mission of the St. Francis Episcopal Church. It serves children from the St. Francis community of the church, St. Francis Episcopal Day School, and Memorial area. The St. Francis Sports Association sponsors Christian teams from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade in soccer, baseball, basketball. softball and volleyball.


It is the policy of the SFSA to develop and maintain a sports program, which is compatible with the ethical and moral standard represented by the Church and the School.  Our philosophy is based upon the belief that participation in competitive team sports promotes physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and the development of individual and team skills, all in a Christian environment.  The objective of the SFSA are to help develop skills, strength, coordination, and the masimum possible health and physical gbrowth of each participant, as well as to assist each child to develop his or her individual athletic and leadership talents.  Our objective is also to instill in coached, parents, and children, who participate in our program, good sportsmanship and a sense of fair play and to encourage the widest possible participation in our programs by members of the Church, the School, and the Saint Francis Community.