Welcome to the St. Francis Sports Association (“SFSA”)!  

SFSA is a mission of the St. Francis Episcopal Church. It serves children from the St. Francis church community, St. Francis Episcopal Day School, and the Memorial area.


SFSA has three principal goals – with each goal being valued equally:  First, we strive to help children develop athletic skills, strength, coordination, and overall physical growth through participation in team sports.  Second, we try to help each child develop leadership skills that can be put to use both on and off the playing field.  Finally, we work to instill in every participant – including coaches and parents – the importance of good sportsmanship and fair play.  By focusing on these core values, we hope to encourage the widest possible participation in our programs – regardless of athletic ability. 


From its inception, SFSA has promoted a sporting environment in which children learn fundamentals, have fun, build friendships, and respect one another and their elders.  I was lucky enough to play many sports during my childhood years in Houston, and I took away critical life lessons from my experiences.  These lessons truly can transform the lives of our children in positive ways – and SFSA is a great vehicle for younger children to learn them. 


SFSA is also a great vehicle for parental volunteering.  I have coached my son in SFSA sports for many years now, and cannot say enough positive things about the experiences we have enjoyed – and the memories we have made – together.      


It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child.  SFSA is a wonderful part of that figurative village.  We have a proven track record of helping our children, though team sports, develop the self-confidence to become leaders.  Of course, we also have a proven track record of promoting fun and lasting friendships.  Please register your son or daughter for one of our sports this year.  And please sign up as a volunteer.  Simply put, we cannot run our programs without you. 


On behalf of SFSA, we are looking forward to another successful year! 


Michael Dunlap