What is the St. Francis Sports Association?
The St. Francis Sports Association [SFSA] is the governing body that administers the sports program at St. Francis for grades primary II through the fifth grade until the students are eligible to participate on the school teams. At this level, the sports program is a member of the West Houston Christian Sports Association that is known as a church league and is comprised of a number of Houston-area churches. The SFSA is one of the largest participants in the league as determined by the number of teams fielded in each sport

Is the SFSA affiliated with the church or the school?
The SFSA is actually a ministry with the church not the school. Many parents are surprised to learn this fact. The reason is because the school does not offer a league in which sports can be regularly played until the sixth grade. The church sponsored league makes a nice complement for children who wish to play sports at an earlier age in a non-competitive environment.It is important to understand that the SFSA does not receive any aid or contributions from the church or the school and is entirely dependent upon registration fees to meet the needs and obligations of it programs

What is the West Houston Christian Sports Association? (Soccer, Basketball and Baseball/Softball)
At this level, the sports program is a member of the West Houston Christian Sports Association that is known as a church league and is comprised of a number of Houston-Area churches. The SFSA is one of the largest participants in the league as determined by the number of teams fielded in each sport.Two of the most notable characteristics of this League are (1) its attitude that stresses fun not winning; and (2) the Zero Tolerance Policy related to all adult conduct.The League does not keep standings or have playoffs. The purpose of the league is to focus on the child and to teach the child, to make sure effort is made to have the child participate in a meaningful manner, to make sure the child has fun and to teach each child proper sportsmanship and conduct in playing sports.The Zero Tolerance Policy can seem archaic and certainly very strong. It specifies that parents, coaches and all other adults related to the program, including fans, will be removed from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct. And if one is removed from any game for any reason that falls under the policy, that person is removed for every game for the entire season. There is no right of appeal or right to be heard. The act of being removed is the final part of the process.Many parents do not understand this rule and in cases in which it has been applied the circumstances and feelings can leave parents at a loss because they are not permitted to even watch their child's games for the rest of the season. However, the League has operated very successfully with this rule and it is likely to undergo no substantial changes

Who are the Board Members and How Does One Become a Board Member?
The SFSA is run by a Board that consists of both school parents and church parents or members. Because it is affiliated with the church, there are a specific number of positions on the Board that are filled by church members, without regard to whether they are parents of children at St. Francis, although most are. A specific number of new Board members are chosen by the existing SFSA Board members. The criteria can be varied but it is usually centered upon the age of the children who will participate in the SFSA program and the level of demonstrated interest, usually in coaching, that has been exhibited by the new member. As an example, a potential member is more likely to be selected if that member has a kindergarten or 1st grade child, that if the parent has a 5th grade child [and no younger siblings]. The theory is that the Board should be comprised of parents who are most immediately impacted by the sports in which their children are participating, or will participate

How Often Does the Board Meet? Are the Meeting Open to the Public?
The SFSA Board meets once per month during the school year usually on the second Tuesday of each month, although meeting dates and times are subject to change due to sports registration times.The meetings are closed, but any parent can bring any item to the attention of the Board, in one of several ways: (1) by contacting the president and discussing the item with them; (2) by contacting any Board member and discussing the item with them; or (3) by using the Contact Us function on our web site. Assuming the topic is related to the SFSA business, it will be brought up at the first available meeting and discussed

How do I register?
You can use the registration link page on this website to connect to the on-line forms. http://sfsportsassociation.siplay.com/site/

Where do I register?
All registration will be done online!  If you encounter any problems while registering please contact the registrar, Ragan Cain at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How are practices handled?
The SFSA has chosen coaches and assistant coaches that it believes will offer special training and instruction for your children. In many cases, each coach has contacted Coach Robinson or a member of the St. Francis faculty about receiving input and training skills that can be taught in practice. Practices will be engaging with an emphasis on teaching skills in the sport that are relevant to the level of your child's grade. Understand that this may mean certain teams may run plays and have a level of skill expected from the children.Our goal in practices is to have fun but also to encourage learning sometimes through the necessary repetition required to learn the basics.

How are the teams selected?
In the West Houston Christian Sports Association there is no required method of drafting or selecting teams. There are many ways of selecting teams. Some schools and churches select teams based solely on skill level. Others make their selection based on "A" and "B" team designations. Still others allow teams to simply play for the church on an "as created" basis. Many churches require a distribution of the skill and talent pool and require a draft. 

How are drafts handled?
St. Francis and the SFSA have subscribed to the equal distribution of the available talent philosophy. There are no special teams or specified "A" or "B"  teams. The intent of the SFSA is to have essentially equal teams in ability. This distribution is done through a draft philosophy and the SFSA has strictly adhered to this. All SFSA teams are selected via a supervised draft that requires no advance selection processes. Any coach is free to select any player except the son or daughter of another coach or assistant coach. There is only one (1) assistant coach per team permitted and there are no special exceptions to this rule. Each draft is supervised by an SFSA Board member to ensure the integrity of the selection process.The actual draft in each sport is typically conducted immediately after the Skills Evaluation date. The draft is confidential and the only participating members are the Coach and one assistant coach for each team and the SFSA Board member supervisor.