WHCSA Rainout Hotline: 713.857.4885

When are the practices?

The schedule will be set once registration is closed, you will be also be contacted by your coach. Practices are an important part of the Baseball and Softball program, especially since the coaches devote their time to creating, teaching and developing skills designed around a role for each player. 

How were the coaches selected?

The SFSA selects coaches for each sport at the beginning of each new season. The SFSA Board makes this selection based on past experience, demonstrated interest, and attitude and commitment to the children. The Board also takes into account Baseball and Softball experience and expertise, but especially at the lower levels, this is not the foremost requirement. Additionally, at the end of each season, the SFSA conducts confidential surveys of all parents and inquires about the coaching experience from both the child's and the parent's point of view. The Board uses these survey responses in considering coaches for the following year. A common misunderstanding is that coaches are "pre-selected" and "always get to coach" In fact, coaches are not pre-selected or do not have any tenure, it is the board preference to give every parent that wants to coach the opportunity to do so. Each coach is considered each year. If a coach has coached in the past, their performance observed and measured by input will be considered to determine if they ought to coach for the upcoming year

Are there certain players who always get to play certain positions?

There are no pre-conceived or pre-determined playing positions and the intent of the league is to ensure that all children have ample playing time and can play different positions if they wish to do so. It is our experience that most coaches want to encourage players to become better and to give them a chance to play different positions.  If your child wants to play a position have them express this desire to the coach so the coach can help them to develop the skill for that position.  As both Baseball and Softball can be a dangerous game, coaches will also consider ability when assigning positions.