When are the important dates?

Registration begins August 1st and closes November 27th, 2018. The coach's meeting will be on December 1st, where the teams will be drafted and practice schedule will be set.  

Practices will begin the week of December 3rd. Weekly practices are a mandatory part of the Basketball Program, especially since the coaches devote their time to creating, teaching and developing skills designed around a role for each player.

League play begins on Saturday, January 12th, 2019 and ends on March 2nd. You will be contacted by your coach with all the details. Game schedules and team uniforms will be distributed a few days before the first game.

What equipment do I need to provide for my child?

Children should bring water and a basketball ball to each practice.  A correct size basketball will be needed for each child.  




KINDER 7' or 8" 27.5" (4) 7 MIN QUARTERS
1ST 8' 28.5" (4) 7 MIN QUARTERS
2ND 8' 28.5" (4) 7 MIN QUARTERS
3RD 10' 28.5" (4) 7 MIN QUARTERS
4TH 10' 28.5" (4) 7 MIN QUARTERS
5TH 10' 28.5" (4) 7 MIN QUARTERS


How were the coaches selected?

The SFSA selects coaches for each sport at the beginning of each new season. The SFSA Board makes this selection based on past experience, demonstrated interest, and attitude and commitment to the children. The Board also takes into account basketball experience and expertise, but especially at the lower levels, this is not the foremost requirement. A common misunderstanding is that coaches are "pre-selected" and "always get to coach" In fact, coaches are not pre-selected. If a coach has coached in the past, their performance observed and measured by input will be considered to determine if they ought to coach for the upcoming year. The head coach selects the assistant coach of his or her choosing.

How are teams selected?

All of the teams will be selected via draft on December 1st so you should know your team no later than Monday, December 3rd. Due to scheduling issues, a couple of teams will be decided earlier, so don't be alarmed if your friend knows their team before you do!

Can my child request to be on a team with their friends?

Unfortunately, we cannot pre-assign your son or daughter to a specific team. All teams are determined via a draft that is supervised by the SFSA. Each team can only have two "assigned" children: The head coach's child and the assistant coach's child. Each team is only allowed one head coach and one "official" assistant coach, although many teams get additional assistant volunteer coaches after the teams are drafted. This rule is in place to protect the children and prevent any child/family from feeling "left out". Please know and be supportive of the fact that the coaches do their best during the draft to ensure good distribution of talent and a great experience for the children. Although your child may not be on a team with all of their "best friends", our experience is that they all end up having a great time.

Are there certain players who always get to run the plays or handle the ball?

There are no pre-conceived or pre-determined playing positions and the intent of the league is to ensure that all children have ample playing time and have the opportunity to try different positions, whether in the games or in practice. It is our experience that most coaches want to encourage players to become better and to give them a chance to play different positions. If your child wants to play a position have them express this desire to the coach. Practices will be engaging with an emphasis on teaching skills that are relevant to the level of your children's grade. Understand that this may mean certain teams may run plays and have a level of skill expected from the children, making practice attendance important to the children's understanding and enjoyment of the game. Children who regularly attend practice will receive ample playing time in the games.