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When and where are the practices and games?

Practices generally begin the first week of school and are held on the St. Francis fields.  Kindergarten through 5th grade will practice once a week, per coach's discretion (sometimes twice a week for older grades).  Primary II and Bridge will practice on Friday nights, followed by a game (see more info below).  For Kindergarten through 5th grades, games are played on Saturdays at one of the church or school facilities in our league.  The 2018 season begins the weekend of Sept 22nd, and ends on November 3rd, 2018.


What equipment do I need to provide for my child?
Children should bring water, shin guards, and a soccer ball to each practice.  A correct size soccer ball will be needed for each child.  




PII 5 3 (4) 5 MIN QTRS
1ST 7 3 (2) 25 MIN HALVES
2ND 7 4 (2) 25 MIN HALVES
3RD 7 4 (2) 25 MIN HALVES
4TH 7 4 (2) 25 MIN HALVES
5TH 9 4 (2) 30 MIN HALVES

What are the requirements to coach?  
Coaches are not required to have extensive soccer knowledge.  If you are committed to working with the kids on your team and having fun with them as they learn the game of soccer you are qualified.  As with all volunteer positions at St Francis, coaches are required to attend a session of “Safeguarding God’s Children” and are invited to come to one of our Positive Coaching workshops.

How are coaches selected?
Coaches are selected by the SFSA based on past experience, demonstrated interest, and commitment to the children. Ability to teach the sport is also considered.  At the end of each season, the SFSA surveys parents to assess the experience that each coach provided.  The objective is to ensure that the best possible coaches are selected to coach when there is more “interest” than “need”.

How are teams selected?
After registration has closed, the coaches select their teams in a process that is overseen by a SFSA representative with the primary goal of putting the teams together in a fair and equitable manner.

Special Note Regarding Primary II/Bridge
The Primary II program this year will be differerent than the other grade levels.  The following are the bullet point details:

1)     Each coed team will consist of 7-8 players

2)     Teams will not be drafted by the coaches, in a fair and equitable matter.

3)     A 30 minute practice will be held on Fri night followed by a 30 minute game against another St Francis team

4)     The game will be 5 v 5, with no goalies, and no keeping score

5)     The parent coaches will be given a “curriculum” for each practice so no soccer experience is necessary 

6)     The coaches will be on the field to help the children and to referee if necessary

7)     Children will receive uniforms and try to score and have fun just as they would on Saturday mornings

Why is the Primary II/Bridge Program different than other grade levels?
The philosophy behind the SFSA Primary II soccer program is consistent with US Youth Soccer guidelines of small sided “fun” soccer for children this age.  Fewer players on the field mean the children will be able to get more “touches” on the ball.  Furthermore, one soccer event per week keeps it lower commitment for both parents and kids since this is probably the first team sport involvement.

How Can I Read the Rules?  

email: Ragan Cain for a copy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.