The St. Francis Sports Association (“SFSA”) is a church-based mission built on the same values that are expressed in the St. Francis Episcopal Day School (“SFEDS”) Student Handbook.  SFSA strives to promote athletic development through participation in team sports, and it works equally hard to promote fairness and inclusion for all children – regardless of ability.  SFSA believes these goals are best met by organizing teams through a traditional “draft.”  These teams, which are comprised mostly of SFEDS students, then compete under the SFSA banner in a league comprised of many church-based partners.


How are the teams selected?  A draft is held when player counts require the formation of two or more teams.  The draft typically takes places following player Skills Evaluations, although there is no requirement that such evaluations take place.  Coaches can choose any player except the child of another coach or assistant coach.  There is only one (1) assistant coach per team permitted and there are no special exceptions to this rule.  Teams are also chosen in the presence of an SFSA Board Member to ensure the integrity of the selection process.   The draft proceedings are confidential, and the only participating members are the coach and one assistant coach for each team as well as the SFSA Board Member supervisor.

Can friends play together?  SFSA recognizes that our players have many choices when it comes to participating in team sports.  While every effort is made to enable friends and schoolmates to play together, and to consider car pool needs, the primary factor that determines the make-up of each team is the draft.  There are no special teams or specified team members.

The SFSA is aware that not all participants within the league utilize a draft system, thereby allowing parents to form “select” teams at competing organizations.  SFSA strongly encourages all SFEDS children who wish to play in an SFSA-affiliated league to register through SFSA.  Your participation in our program serves as explicit support of the draft process, helping us to promote our goals of fairness and inclusion for all children.

What if my son/daughter does not want to play for a particular coach or had an unproductive experience with that coach in the past?  Once again, the integrity of the draft is an important consideration to ensure fairness for all SFSA participants.  However, the SFSA is mindful of the experience for each child and wants to ensure a pleasant and fun learning environment.  Parents should contact the sport’s Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner to discuss any specific issues confidentially.  An SFSA official will then work to address the family’s concerns while preserving their confidences and privacy.  In some instances, a coaching change may prove to be an appropriate course of action.