In May 1994, the Episcopal Diocese of Texas promulgated new guidelines to ensure the following: "The Bishop of Texas, together with the Standing Committee and the Executive Board, want to ensure that every step is taken to provide a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment wherein, by God's grace, the full work of the Church can be carried out". To this end the following definitions and guidelines are set forth.



"The Episcopal Diocese of Texas prohibits any clergy person, employee or volunteer of any congregation, institution, entity or organization of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas (collectively referred to as the Diocese) from engaging in any Sexual Misconduct . . ." 

A full text of this policy can be obtained from the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. The policy sets forth the requirements that must be met by any such volunteer who is associated in any manner with any organization in the Diocese.

Thus, the SFSA, as an organization of the Diocese, is required to meet the Diocese Guidelines in all of its sports activities. The SFSA has determined that all Board members, coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, parents and all others who come in contact with the children enrolled in the SFSA Sports program(s) must be receive training and be certified in the program established by the agent of the Diocese known locally as "Safeguarding God's Children".

This program is administered several times per month by both the St. Francis school and the St. Francis church, and certification of completion of this course is required in order to have any contact with any of the SFSA sports programs.In addition, the policy requires that a background check be conducted for each person who desires to come in contact in any manner with the SFSA sports program(s).

The SFSA has set forth the procedures for these background checks for all volunteers. If you have any questions about this requirement, please contact the SFSA Registrar. Your question will be addressed shortly upon receipt. All inquiries are assured of confidentiality.