Thank you for serving your child's team as Team Parent. With your help the season will run more smoothly. Remember that the Coach and Assistant Coaches cannot do it all and rely on your assistance. The following are some of the things a Team Parent usually does:

1. Work out a schedule to have a Designated Parent at each practice and snack parent for each game. The purpose of the Designated Parent is to make sure each child is picked up after practice. The Designated Parent is not there to baby-sit. Prepare a list so that each child's parent takes a turn as Designated Parent. Try coordinating it with the drink list (for after games).

2. Call entire roster when practices and/or games are cancelled or rescheduled.

3. SFSA will provide trophies and team and individual pictures for each child. The Team Parent assists in coordinating photos and picking up photos and trophies. Pictures will be taken at a scheduled date and time during your regular practice time. A schedule will be faxed to the coaches at a later date. Full uniforms are to be worn for picture taking day. Extra pictures must be ordered while the photographer is there on photo day. Pictures and trophies will be delivered the week before the end of the season.

4. If you wish to have a team party at St. Francis (Scout Hut, etc.) please call Marsha Gilbert to schedule. Please do not call the Church Office, If there are no other functions at St. Francis on the day of your team party, payment of a fee may be required.If you have any questions, please call your Coach, Assistant Coach, Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, or Marsha Gilbert, SFSA Registrar, at or e-mail at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.